Today was beautiful! The sun gifted us with its warmth. All 94 degrees of it! The best part was running around to complete my errands with a full tank of gas and AIR CONDITIONING. As I waited in line at the stop light, car horns started blaring. A burgundy van remained at the light despite it being green. The driver was talking to a man with a cardboard sign and soptimism02mall tan pup that stood dutifully by his side.

As my lane started to move and I passed through the intersection I wondered if:

  • The van driver was offering the man a job. He already demonstrated discipline and humility by manning his post at the intersection through all kinds of weather conditions. Those characteristics alone would endear an employer to him.
  • The van driver was offering to share a meal with the man that included a raw hide treat for his best friend. His “best friend” would definitely appreciate that!
  • The van driver was making an effort to give the man a ride to a Charlotte area shelter that provided food, toiletries, and a night’s rest. The community as a whole has come together to assist the displaced or homeless in meeting their daily needs.

I glanced back through my rear view mirror as the horn’s continued to blare…