Dear Sticky Seat,

I’ve been there as you’ve taken your first steps and watched as you’ve determined how you want to navigate this crazy world. As your parent, it has been a journey filled with amazement, pride, and a heart that overflows with love. In the past, I’ve been your protector and tour guide in this great big world.

As I continue down my personal path of self-love, I become cognizant of my role as a student. As you continue to chase your dreams, you have taught me and reminded me of the attributes that make the difference in a life well-lived. As a show competitor in the equestrian world you and your pinto mare have been great teachers.

You taught me:

1. Grit; courage and resolve, strength of character.
Your passion for horseback riding coupled with your vision is what drives you to get up off the ground, brush yourself off, and get right back on your horse in an arena full of people.

2. Relationship; the state of being connected.
As I’ve watched you build a bond with your horse, I have become keenly aware of the value of patience and trust when pursuing any sustainable relationship.

3. Time; The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.
The time you’ve invested coupled with the patience you’ve displayed has been instrumental in developing your horse from a skittish and out of shape mare into a top competitor in the arena.

Grit, relationship, and time are just a few of the many lessons that have been imprinted on my mind as I navigate this wobbly world, explore new moments, and chase new dreams.

Your Biggest Fan.