Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions ,check out the answers below:

Can you edit documents based on our internal style guide?

Yes, I can apply your internal style guide when editing. Just send all the necessary information and I will make sure that the style guidelines are carefully applied throughout your document. In addition, I can also apply any of the standard academic or professional style guides.

Can you spin articles time after time and give me a lower rate because the information remains the same?

No. I don’t offer article-spinning. I will rewrite an existing article once, perhaps twice, if I can find a way to do it that will be remarkable each time.

Do you respect the confidentiality of my project?

Yes.  I handle every single project with discretion.

How is a page defined?

A page is defined as 250 words.

How much does it cost?

For most projects, I have an easy pricing system with no surprises, and it is based on two simple things: page count and turnaround time. For more, customized and extensive projects, a quote will be given.

What is a recommended blog post length?

I recommend writing blog posts of around 400-600 words that include a striking image and (if at all possible) some rich media (like videos or infograms).

What sorts of blog posts work?

The main thing to understand with blog posts is that you can’t think of them as a commodity. Since Google Panda and Penguin, just pumping out keyword-stuffed blog content is no longer the answer. Instead you want to answer a customer need, help them understand an issue, provide insight, give them money-can’t-buy advice, make them laugh and, of course, induce them to purchase your product or service. I’ll suggest a variety of blog styles and formats to suit your particular audience.