The last few months of my life have been a whirlwind, literally. July I spent some time preparing myself for new opportunities and preparing my children for their journey into high school.

I’ve been a ghostwriter for years, so the nuances of the industry were never detrimental to me. Since I’ve started using my own name, my perspective has changed. I’m not quite sure why.

It could be that I am now personally exposed, any misstep could result in career suicide or evgrasp_wind03en worse, humiliation. (A bit dramatic??? Possibly… After all, I am a writer). My fears courtesy of my own overactive imagination includes:

1. Should I really pursue writing full-time?.

2. Am I skilled enough to be a professional writer? (Kind of silly question, sinc
e I’ve been writing for pay for over ten years).

3. One misstep could put me on the “No Hire” list. (Does this list exist? I’m not quite sure).

4. I may be too old to recalibrate if this career fails.

I must admit after writing my fears down and reading them, they seem pretty ridiculous.

Grasping at the Wind (Part 1)