After conquering my professional fears, I took on the tasks of offering encouragement, support, and wisdom to my children. Both had been exclusively homeschooled for a number of years. Our family made the decision to trust their high school education and social immersion to a charter school in our community.

We spent time completing Summer School, Summer Camp, and volunteer hours. The Summer was jam-packed with commitments and obligations.

We celebrated August with shopping on “Tax-Free” weekend and one final family trip to the beach. The kids got the option to invite one friend each for our five day getaway. The month concluded with orientation for the first day of high school.

A month of adjustment for everyone. My family and I had to adjust to my frequent travel for writing assignments. The kids had to adjust to juggling their school commitments with their personal interests. The pets had to adjust to scheduled walks and playtimes, now that their teen owners were constantly on the go.

I can admit this new path for my family and myself has been a little bumpy. Since the obstacles and solutions have been identified we are up for the challenge.


Grasping at the Wind (Part 2)