In-tu-i-tive: Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning. Instinctive.

Love: Intense feeling of deep affection

Over the last few months of my self-love journey… I noticed something. As I explored new environments and opportunities to show myself some love, many of the services and experiences focused on my basic, primal sensory satisfaction.

Eureka! When we are stressed, exhausted, defeated, or perplexed are bodies will protect us, by having us hone in on what relieves us.

    1. 1. My visit to a Korean bathhouse allowed me to enjoy self-care through the detox, sauna, exfoliation, relaxation, and culinary offerings provided at Je Ju Spa.
    1. 2. My dedicated in-home meditation sessions involve candles, lighting, tranquil sounds, and sleep. My nostrils, my eyes, and my ears are gifted an opportunity to be in full use without being bombarded with extra “stuff.”
    1. 3. Hosting my first book club event was a combination of excitement and anxiety. As I listened, spoke, and expressed empathy to my guest I understood the satisfaction that comes from being a part of something.

I now understand that ALL of my actions whether deliberate or accidental contribute to my ability to “intuitively” love myself wholly and completely.

Let the journey continue….