“And I find I am more of me today than yesterday and I pray I find the same tomorrow.” – Alison Malee

It is funny how you can reflect back on experiences and realize they were preparation for what you were truly meant to do.

I started ghostwriting as part of my involvement with a non-profit in my community.  The non-profit offered a creative writing program for school-age children.  My growth as a ghostwriter has been dynamic!  I’ve been employed for articles and blog entries for a variety of industries from agriculture to education.  My love of writing (and research) coupled with a variety of interest has resulted in my contribution to many projects.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to be a content editor for a magazine publication, as well as an online educational resource.  As I met deadlines and collaborated with other individuals with the same passion, my world expanded.  Participation in media events and opportunities to connect with the movers and shakers in the publishing industry has been eye-opening and educational.

My eyes have been opened to the possibility of thriving, not just surviving while doing what I truly enjoy.  I have learned who I truly am.  I AM A WRITER!  As I state those words, they feel like the truest words that have ever cascaded across my tongue and out of my mouth…

Who are you?