Guess what?!?!  My weekend was extraordinary.  Yes!  My weekend was above and beyond the ordinary routine that I had established for myself.  Sure, the ordinary routine has four variations, but this weekend was – NEW!  I actually blocked off the entire weekend for myself.

So… What do you do when the only thing on your “to do” list is YOU?  Make it count!.

    1. 1. I started my day waking when “I” felt like it..
    1. 2. I proceeded to prepare for my day with a nice, relaxing bubble bath complete with candles and music.
    1. 3. I prepared a nice breakfast for myself comprised of whatever I craved AND not calorie counting.
    1. 4. I explored my new hobby, shooting pool, by practicing for a couple hours.
    1. 5. I went shopping for motorcycle gloves and new hiking boots. The deals made me smile.
    1. 6. I hugged new acquaintances and old friends.
    1. 7. I people watched and wrote at the park.
    1. 8. I camped out under the stars

This was just day one……
What would you do if you were on the “to do” list?.