What is that place called between the end of something and the beginning of something else?

Epoch – Beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something
Terminus Ad Quem – The ending of something
Terminus A Quo – The beginning of something
Present– The exact moment where the past moment ends, and the period in time before a future moment begins

We’ve all experienced it!  The moment when you finish your last assignment before the school bell rings for the last time before summer break.  The moment when you throw your cap in the air to celebrate your graduation.  The moment when you are only 24 hours away from turning ten years old, and you have only a few more hours in the single digits.

How would you describe that mixture of emotions that swirl through your body at that exact moment?  Anxiety, excitement, apprehension, happiness… the list is varied and unique to you.  Many people experience a more diluted version of it annually as they prepare for the coming year.  Having milestone moments is truly an indescribable feeling.

Personally, I am in a period in my own life where these “moments” appear to be happening simultaneously.  I’m beginning to pursue my calling, preparing my children for their journey into adulthood, redefining love and making new memories with my love, all while completing my own personal and varied journey by exploring the great big world. I can definitely see how having a combo of moments can lead to a mid-life crisis.

Stay tuned…