Springtime in D.C.


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  • Great for nature lovers
  • Great weekend getaway
  • Awe-inspiring orchids

What could be Better

  • Very Crowded

Springtime in D.C. | Washington, DC

Fellow travelers and nature lovers prepare to be rewarded with views of beautiful blossoms and awe-inspiring orchids on display in our nation’s capital this spring.

A spring visit to the birthplace of our liberty is the perfect way to start spring! Unlike previous visits, I decided the focus of this visit would be all about discovering what D.C. had to offer its community and visitors who were finally coming out of hibernation for the winter. Though the visit would be a brief weekend getaway, exploring a couple of D.C’s natural attractions would definitely be a part of the itinerary. As my children and I descended below the city’s surface to board the Metrorail, we smiled and looked forward to a day full of possibilities.

The U.S. Botanic Garden includes a conservatory, National Garden, and Bartholdi Park. Fountains, theme gardens, and water features abound!

Our Saturday afternoon visit allowed us to view and identify plants indigenous to regions across the nation, including our own. My children really enjoyed identifying plants we have in our own backyard, on display in our nation’s capital. The entrance to the conservatory invited a steady flow of tourists accessorized with cameras, sketchpads, and easels. The conservatory housed a variety of theme rooms; from “Rare and Endangered” to “World Deserts.” The display of approximately 65,000 plants is a botanist’s dream! When you visit plan on spending a couple of hours touring the facility and accompanying grounds.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is being held from March 20th through April 17th. The celebration includes theatrical events, kite flying, and festivities throughout the entire city.

Three thousand cherry trees were given to D.C. in 1912 by the mayor of Tokyo. My children and I picnicked under the shade of the blossoms along the Tidal Basin. I watched visitors of all ages smile, frolic, and pose as the blossoms accentuated a perfect spring day. It was truly a treat to see the cherry blossoms without having to journey across the ocean, but we’re already planning a trip so that we can compare the two cherry blossom displays. When you visit you can spend as little as 45 minutes to several days participating in all of the events dedicated to the cherry blossom.

By L. A. Sams