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What could be Better

  • I would have loved more pictures!
  • One more round of editing
  • I would have loved more descriptions of the international cuisine.

Travel for LESS | Wanderlust For The Young, Broke Professional Review

Are you an YBP? Never heard of it.. It stands for Young, Broke Professional. Deirdre Mathis has compiled the perfect guide of hope for YBPs who dream of seeing the world. This book includes resources and suggestions to guide those itching to travel for the short or long-term. Simply by turning the pages you will discover a plan that will guide you to a global adventure!

Positive and practical reasons to travel are explored throughout the book. Afterall, YBPs are professionals and will discover that the benefits of travel not only include experiences, but packs a powerful punch on your resume. I really love this aspect of the book, because the value of life experience is highlighted. I personally believe that a broader perspective on life and humanity is gleaned from travel and this book highlights the advantages of that broader perspective.

“Earn It, Save It…Then Go!” offers a money-stacking action plan that makes this section truly valuable (pun intended). “Snippets of My Year Away,” was one of my favorite sections! It offered highlights of excursions and some amazing deals. My favorite tip was learning the local equivalent of 911, wherever you go… Great safety advice! This book is an ABSOLUTE must read for those new to the travel scene as well as fellow world wanderers like myself. This concise and informative book will be added to my travel collection.

What next? Buy the book and plan your first adventure!