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Yesterday I walked to Mexico. Yep. That’s right. While visiting San Diego, I decided to spend a day in Mexico. Marriott Vacation Club offers great excursions! I opted for the “Day Trip Walking Tour” courtesy of Border Tours. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised once we made it to Tijuana. Please be warned this tour is ONLY for travelers committed to embracing the local vibe and culture of Tijuana.

Our group of 12 was met in front of the McDonald’s a few steps away from the transit train in San Ysidro by our tour guide Lucy. Crossing into Tijuana was extremely easy. There are 50 million border crossings via car annually. Once I saw the congested lanes at the border, I was pretty grateful for my brief walk. We met an additional guide and were divided into two groups. My group included a history of Tijuana.

I was truly impressed with the tour. The tour included:

Interesting facts about the history and commerce of Tijuana on display at the Museo de Historio de Tijuana.

A visit to a local market that smelled AMAZING! Spices, candles, and sweets were just a few of the items the local vendors offered. There were plenty of tasty samples. If you like your food spicy, you are definitely in for a treat.

The group was offered the option of a visit Downtown or to the Beach. The group opted for an in-depth downtown excursion.

Food and drinks were included in the tour. We consumed delicious things like:

Tacos at Taqueria 6ta. Not only were the tacos delicious BUT the ingredients were the freshest and tastiest combinations. The chef prepared the tacos while we watched and chatted sipping fresco and apple soda.

Tequila samplingwas very cool. We sampled a variety of tequilas from apple to chocolate and everything in between. Besides the flavored options, we also got to sample an aged tequila (7 years) and Mexicali. Tourist are able to purchase a one liter bottle to take home.

Beer is crafted at the local breweries in Tijuana and was a welcome and refreshing part of the tour. I especially loved the view of Tijuana at Norte Brewing Company.

As you can see this tour offers friendly guides, food & beverages, and a GOOD time! The highlights for me were our awesome tour guide, exploring an actual dedicated altar in preparation for Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos), enjoying a live performance by a Mariachi band, and having tons of photo ops from murals to painted live donkeys. Check out Border Tours you will not be disappointed.

Lucy Sams

Lucy Sams


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